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We take care of your year-end accounts hassle-free. dns accountants ensures timely submissions to HMRC and Companies House, saving you time and stress. Our service goes beyond compliance, pinpointing growth and savings opportunities for your business. With comprehensive year-end accounting, including day-to-day bookkeeping, we guarantee accurate and cost-effective results. Trust us to handle incomplete records efficiently. Subscribe to our year-long package for ongoing tax efficiency insights. Let your business thrive while we manage your year-end accounts seamlessly.

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What we do

As professional accountants, we specialie in year-end accounts services for all UK-registered companies (Ltd Company, LLP, Sole Trade). We ensure timely filing of annual accounts with HMRC and Companies House. Our services encompass comprehensive year-end reports, tax returns, invoicing, record monitoring, and HMRC/Companies House submissions. With expertise, we streamline the process, providing valuable comparisons between current and previous year accounts for informed decision-making.

  • Formulation and development of year-end reports
  • Production of complete year-end tax returns
  • Complete invoicing
  • Monitoring of record depreciation
  • Management of prepaid expenses
  • Clarification of accounts of supplier bills
  • Provision of comparisons between the current year’s reports to the previous year
  • HMRC and Companies House submission

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We are here to help you in finding a trusted accountants in the UK for accounting, taxes and bookkeeping services. Connect with our expert accountants to efficiently manage your accounting needs. Simplify your business processes with reliable support. Contact us today for personalised solutions tailored to your requirements!

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Submit your year-end accounts to Companies House and HMRC

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Accounting anyway

Our leading year-end accounts service delivers problem-free accounts preparation, filing, and review. Our services will suit all types of businesses and include comprehensive support for your accounting needs.

  • Abbreviated accounts
  • Partnership accounts
  • Sole trader accounts
  • Rental accounts
  • Dormant accounts
  • Corporation tax returns

Who benefits from our year-end accounts services

  • Freelancers and contractors
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Landlords
  • Investors
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Partnerships and LLPs
  • Overseas income earners
  • Cryptocurrency traders, investors & miners

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Award winning experts trusted by many

We are award-winning experts, trusted by many for our exceptional accounting services. With a proven track record of excellence, our team is dedicated to providing reliable guidance. Count on us for expert assistance and experience the confidence that comes with choosing award-winning professionals to meet your accounting needs.

Benefits of working with us

There are huge benefits to getting your year end accounts completed by dns, here’s just a few of them…

Fast & easy

Our process is smooth, fast, and way easier than handling your year-end accounts on your own.

Fixed price

Our year-end accounts service offers a fixed price, ensuring competitive rates and great value.

No penalty guarantee

We guarantee no penalties for late filing.

Tax efficiency

Benefit from a comprehensive account review, tax planning, and efficient tax return filing.

Compliance ensured

We prepare your accounts following the latest accounting standards to keep you compliant.

Dedicated account team

Get a dedicated team always ready to assist whenever you have a question.

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Frequently asked questions

Year-end accounts, also called statutory or company accounts, must be filed within 12 months from the company's incorporation date, ensuring compliance with annual reporting requirements.

All UK-based companies, including Ltd Companies, LLPs, and Sole Traders, must file year-end accounts as a mandatory requirement for registration and compliance with regulatory standards.

Submit your year-end accounts to HMRC and Companies House for compliance. It's essential to meet regulatory requirements and keep your financial records in order with both authorities.

Year-end accounts usually consist of the company's financial statements, encompassing the balance sheet, profit and loss account, and accompanying notes providing additional details for a comprehensive financial overview.

Late filing of year-end accounts may lead to penalties and fines from HMRC and Companies House. Ensure timely submission to avoid financial consequences and maintain compliance with regulatory authorities.

Companies can request a year-end accounts filing extension under certain circumstances. Approval from both HMRC and Companies House is necessary, and eligibility is determined based on specific criteria.

Certain small companies might qualify for exemptions from specific disclosure requirements in their year-end accounts. It's crucial to seek professional advice to assess eligibility and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.