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We are bookkeeping experts dedicated to streamlining your accounting task. By outsourcing bookkeeping to dns, you not only save time but also reduce risks associated with handling receipts and invoices. As accountants, we provide effective solutions, managing your business's real-time cash position with cost-efficient, scalable support. Our UK-based accountants offer a range of services, from compliance to advisory, creating customised solutions tailored to your business needs. Explore our business bookkeeping services and contact us for a personalised quote or check our monthly accounting prices for more details.

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What we do

We take care of your bookkeeping needs, providing a hassle-free approach to managing your accounts. Whether you're occupied with other tasks or tend to postpone bookkeeping until year-end, we've got you covered. Trust us to handle all aspects of bookkeeping services, even if you have an accountant. Our streamlined process not only relieves you of the workload but can also reduce your accountant's fees. Enjoy the ease of paying the right taxes, reconciling transactions, and preparing invoices—all through our user-friendly online platform.

what we do

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We are here to help you in finding a trusted accountants in the UK for accounting, taxes and bookkeeping services. Connect with our expert accountants to efficiently manage your accounting needs. Simplify your business processes with reliable support. Contact us today for personalised solutions tailored to your requirements!

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Bookkeeping software

We offer cutting-edge bookkeeping software tailored for freelancers, contractors, self-employed professionals, landlords, and investors. Our user-friendly platform simplifies financial management, making it effortless to track income and expenses. Designed for ease and efficiency, our software streamlines accounting tasks, empowering you to focus on growing your business. Experience hassle-free financial management with dns accountants today!

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Bookkeeping services for your business

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Accounting anyway

Leading bookkeeping services and support for businesses, freelancers, contractors, landlords and individuals. Giving you access too.

Who benefits from our bookkeeping services

  • Freelancers and contractors
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Landlords
  • Investors
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Partnerships and LLPs
  • Overseas income earners
  • Cryptocurrency traders, investors & miners

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Award winning experts trusted by many

We are award-winning experts, trusted by many for our exceptional accounting services. With a proven track record of excellence, our team is dedicated to providing reliable guidance. Count on us for expert assistance and experience the confidence that comes with choosing award-winning professionals to meet your accounting needs.

benefit working with us

Benefits of working with us

Improve cash flow

Keep money flowing smoothly with good bookkeeping for both personal and business finances.

Make better business decisions

Make better business decisions

See real-time income and spending for smart decisions on stock, resources, and funding.

Minimise tax

Minimise tax

Record money accurately to reduce errors and lower your annual tax bill.

Save time

Save time

Save time by outsourcing bookkeeping, focusing more on your business.

Be compliant

Be compliant

Be compliant with regulations using our bookkeeping services to avoid mistakes and penalties.

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Frequently asked questions

Bookkeeping is important for all businesses; basically it is a record of what has come in (income) and what has gone out (expenditure).

Anyone, from company owners and self-employed sole traders to those earning through PAYE, rentals, or shares, must complete a self-assessment tax return. Bookkeeping is crucial for this process, ensuring accurate records of income and expenses, regardless of how you earn.

Bookkeeping is different from accounting. Bookkeeping, essential for producing accounts, is something everyone should do for income and expense tracking, even for a household budget. Accountants are qualified, while bookkeepers may have qualifications but aren't necessarily accountants.

Bookkeeping is best done on a monthly basis. It's important for cash flow, performance, and security. Keep track of money coming in and going out to understand your business better.

Not doing bookkeeping makes it tough to create accurate accounts on time, risking penalties. Check our knowledge base/tax tips for HMRC penalties on late payments or inaccurate accounts. Stay ahead by keeping your records straight and avoiding costly mistakes.

Keeping your books is ongoing. If you're a contractor, it takes around 15 mins a month with dns online accounting. How complex it gets depends on transactions and your business. Though your company or self-assessment tax return is yearly, monthly accounts help with the best tax advice.