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We provide expert company formation services in Harrow and nearby areas like Pinner, Stanmore, Northwood, Ruislip, and Edgware. Our specialised team guides you through the seamless registration process for various business structures, including Limited Companies (Ltd) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP). With tailored solutions, we simplify the complexities of company formation, ensuring a hassle-free start to your business journey. Trust our expertise to establish your company successfully in Harrow and its neighboring regions. Contact us today for a free consultation and let's embark on your path to business succes

What we do

We have a specialist company formation service designed to kickstart your business. our registration packages cater to various needs, creating legal entities suitable for non-profits, startups, or international ventures. Having assisted numerous companies, we specialise in forming Limited companies (Ltd), Limited liability partnerships (LLP), and more. Decode acronyms like Ltd, LLP, LP, and understand diverse business structures. Start your business journey today with our expert assistance in company formation.

  • Public limited company
  • Limited (Ltd)
  • Limited partnership (LP)
  • Community interest company
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • Societas Europaea (SE)

The required information that is necessary to form a company

  • Select your company name
  • Registered company address
  • Company directors and shareholders
  • Submit all the details

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We are here to help you in finding a trusted accountants in the UK for accounting, taxes and bookkeeping services. Connect with our expert accountants to efficiently manage your accounting needs. Simplify your business processes with reliable support. Contact us today for personalised solutions tailored to your requirements!

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Who we help in Harrow

Our accountants in Harrow provide essential services like bookkeeping, payroll, self-assessment tax returns, VAT returns, year-end accounts, property tax services, company formation, and free accounting software. We understand the unique needs of small businesses and offer personalised support to help your growth.

Trust our accountants in Harrow to assist startups with bookkeeping, payroll, self-assessment tax returns, VAT returns, year-end accounts, property tax services, company formation, and free accounting software. We help startups navigate financial challenges and establish a solid foundation for growth.

Our accountants in Harrow specialise in supporting contractors with services such as bookkeeping, payroll, self-assessment tax returns, VAT returns, year-end accounts, property tax services, company formation, and free accounting software. Trust us to handle your financial needs efficiently, allowing you to focus on your contracting work.

Freelancers can benefit from our accountants in Harrow who offer tailored services including bookkeeping, payroll, self-assessment tax returns, VAT returns, year-end accounts, property tax services, company formation, and free accounting software. Let us help you manage your finances effectively while you focus on your freelance projects.

Our accountants in Harrow provide specialised support for landlords, offering property tax services to buy-to-let landlords, individual or corporate landlords, property dealers, estate managers, non-resident investors, or second property owners. Trust our expertise to handle your financial matters, allowing you to maximise returns on your property investments.

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Accounting anyway

For any business venture, dns accountants offer comprehensive company formation services in the UK. When establishing your company with us, you gain access to expert assistance and support, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process tailored to your specific needs.

  • Expert company formation specialists
  • Convenient business bank account
  • Three months of complimentary accounting services
  • Limited-time cashback offers
  • Free accounting software and apps
  • Free* will services with our limited package
  • Completion and submission of the limited company’s corporation
  • Tax return preparation and submission of the VAT Return (if required)
  • Manage the company payroll (if applicable)
  • Annual accounts filing
  • Company incorporation with HMRC

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Benefits of working with us

There are huge benefits to forming a company, here’s just a few of them…

Earn more

Earn more

Companies pay a fixed 19% corporation tax, while sole traders face a variable 20-45% income tax. Opting for a company not only reduces tax burdens but also ensures a smooth UK company registration process. Trust us for efficient company formation and minimised tax responsibilities.

Minimise personal liability

Minimise personal liability

Forming a company provides valuable liability protection. This means your personal assets stay safe if your company faces challenges. We specialise in guiding you through the process of registering a Ltd company, ensuring your personal liability is minimised.

Improve credibility

Improve credibility

Operating as a company boosts business credibility, especially in risk-heavy industries where dealing exclusively with companies is common. Rely on dns accountants for trustworthy UK company formation and registration services.

Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities

Companies can raise capital by selling shares. This extends to private company registration services, offering more lending opportunities compared to sole traders. Explore these investment possibilities by registering a Ltd company with us.

Pension opportunities

Pension opportunities

Companies, including ones, allow pre-tax trading income investment in a company pension scheme. Benefit from this tax-efficient pension planning strategy by registering a Ltd company or UK company formations through our services.

Separate legal entity

Separate legal entity

A company is a distinct legal entity, separate from its owners. This means the company is responsible for debts and liabilities, not its owners. Trust us for a comprehensive understanding of this legal separation when registering your company.

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Frequently asked questions

We can form various company structures in Harrow, including Limited Companies (Ltd), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), and more, tailored to your business needs.

Our company formation service in Harrow is fast and efficient. With our experienced professionals handling the formalities, you can have your company registered within a few working days.

Yes, we offer continued support and guidance even after your company is formed. Our team can assist with company secretarial issues, recording systems, and other business needs.

To form your company, you must provide details such as the proposed company name, registered office address, director and shareholder information, and the nature of your business activities.

Certainly! Limited Companies (Ltd) are popular for distributing profits while protecting shareholders and directors. Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) are suitable for professional service firms. Our experts can guide you in understanding the various structures.