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Case studies

Thinking about starting over? Think franchising.

When you make the decision to leave an established career and build a better life for your family, franchising could be the answer to the question of how to start again.

Have you ever wondered what you could do, if you were to leave your established career? There are many reasons why you might want to change. This could be, from leaving behind city-living to raise a family, to wanting to gain a sense of control over your future. For two of our newest franchisees, Johana Cadena and Vishal Ballee, they realised a dns accountants franchise would allow them the foundation to start again, when they decided to move out of London.

Having chosen to raise their young family in Leicester, they left behind well-established careers in finance and management. The careers they’d enjoyed meant Johana and Vishal knew what it would take to succeed, and their new goal became finding a way to utilise their experience and skills, for themselves. They recognised they’d need a really special business opportunity to create the future, and work-life balance they wanted. “When working for large corporations,” Vishal says, “it can be incredibly rewarding. However, working for someone else gives little flexibility. We were working all the time, and didn’t always see the full rewards. I believe when someone is driven and passionate, there comes a time when they’ll need to try something else – something for themselves. This is why Johana and I decided to open our own DNS franchise.”

The dns accountants franchise empowers people, like Vishal and Johana, to confidently make the leap from corporate life to self-employment. One of the ways they do this, is by giving their franchise partners all the support they’ll ever need, to make the most of your professional strengths, and build a new scalable business. “What most attracted us, to dns accountants, was the knowledge we could apply all our skills, experience and hard-work into our own business. At the same time, we could see we would be able to build it in such a way to suit us, with the guidance of Head Office. They have a massive outsourcing team to whom we can send work for our clients, which will really help us as we start to build-up our client-base.”

Vishal and Joanna looked at a number of accounting franchises before settling with dns accountants. Whilst initially, Vishal was keen on joining the brand, Johana wanted to learn more, before making a commitment. “I was more cautious at first, “ she explains. “I wanted to make sure we were making the right move, especially as we had made a big life change fairly recently. As we conducted our due diligence, and spent time speaking with the people behind the brand at dns accountants, I soon felt a sense of peace about the investment we were about to make into our future as a family. We genuinely share a vision of what it means to grow a business, so I believe this is a great opportunity for us.” Johana and Vishal’s skills complement each other, perfectly: Johana excels at admin, bookkeeping, and planning, and Vishal specialises in sales and customer relations. Together, they’re going to make a dynamic team, as they begin to establish themselves as dns accountants Leicester, over the coming months, and years. “We needed to make this kind of change in our lives,” Vishal continues. “Going into business for yourself, is never without risks; but without risk, there is no reward! dns accountants has given us the confidence to make such an important move, by tapping into the power of their established brand, and using their expertise for ourselves.”

By supporting franchisees with a dedicated sales and marketing team, dns accountants is helping to minimise the risk of starting your own business, whilst maximising your potential. With guaranteed client leads from day one, they will ensure franchise partners have everything they need to succeed from word go.

If you’re thinking about changing how you work, contact dns accountants today. See how we can support you with a foundation to success.


For mum of three, Raman Boparai, the idea of missing out on time with her sons when she went back to work, was unbearable. Instead, she chose the flexible option, offered through franchising with DNS Accountants, and started her own practice.

Having enjoyed maternity leave, and watching with wonder the development of your new baby, you may have noticed a change in your mindset around going back to work. Like many new parents, you may be dreading travelling to the office, again. You can’t bear the thought of being away from your new family for hours at a time.

As a mum of twins and their older brother, Raman Boparai felt exactly the same. So, whilst they were still young, she invested time in a future she could control. “When the twins were around 10 months, and my oldest was about three, I decided I wanted to gain my Accountancy Qualifications,” Raman explains. “It was an interesting journey balancing raising them with studying! And, because I wanted to put into practice the theory behind what I was learning, I was also working! My husband and I own a property business, which enabled me to learn through practical application.”

My heart ached

As an accountant, Raman had enjoyed a varied career, working across some interesting sectors, including charity and the Fine Arts. However, the arrival of her twins, left her feeling disconnected, as they started to grow. “When I was working for someone else, I often felt like I was missing out on time with my sons. I’d leave home early, commute for two hours, and be in the office for 8am. Then I was home late. I rarely felt good when I came home; then my oldest would tell me, ‘Oh mummy, we missed you.’ My heart ached for my sons.”

One of Raman’s twins is autistic. So, he felt the impact of Raman’s absence the hardest. “I am my son’s support, as he feels calmer when I am around. He listens to me, and follows through on what I tell him, so it was particularly hard for him when I was at work. One day, he asked why I was doing something I didn’t like. It was then I realised I was ready to choose a different path for myself; and for them. I didn’t have children so I could just put them to one side.”

Like most parents, Raman wanted to give her children a solid foundation for adulthood. “I want to teach them things and give them skills to help to make their life easier. I want to empower them to reach their potential. When Peter Pan flies, he holds on to one happy memory. Growing up, I was blessed with thousands of happy memories, and this is what I want to give to my sons – for them to have so many happy memories, they will fly in life. To be a good example for them to follow.”

A natural progression

After maternity leave, Raman’s previous employers were keen for her come back. “But,” she says, “I didn’t want to dedicate my entire career to someone else’s work. I definitely didn’t want to be working full time, again. I needed something with a better work-life balance, which would give me back the time I wanted to invest in, and enjoy, my children. So, in terms of career development, DNS Accountants, for me, was a natural progression.”

She was already aware of DNS, having encountered them in 2016. “I wasn’t fully qualified, and my children were still quite young,” she says, “so I didn’t really delve into franchising too much. But, I kept my eye on DNS, and registered for their emails. Early in 2020 I became serious about finding a franchise with whom I could run my own practice. Before choosing the right one, I had two non-negotiable areas: Support and flexibility. DNS felt like the only franchise to offer both of those things. I also felt like they recognised the importance of family – it’s not pushed to the side; it’s right there at the heart of DNS.”

Trained for confidence

Raman, like every franchisee in the DNS network, started her new business with a week of intensive training, designed to give her the confidence to start her new business. “I understood the operational side of running a business and, having worked with people and managed teams, I understood how to manage people at various levels. But, DNS Head Office trained me in other areas of business management, like sales and finding new clients. Having worked across a variety of sectors, I’ve successfully combined my experiences with the DNS business model and training, to develop a business on my own terms.

“I’m still in my first year, but I’m well on the way to achieving my year one goal of 30 clients, and the desired turn-over. More importantly, I am also embracing the work-life balance I wanted. It’s all about having the flexibility to do what needs to be done – whether for clients or for my boys. Although we are still learning how to balance my new way of working, they understand when mummy needs to go and make a call in the middle of preparing dinner. The key to creating the right balance for us, as a family unit, is time management.”

An alternative route to success

Raman believes the impact on her sons, as she grows her franchise, will be the benefit of knowing there is an alternative route to career progression. “The academic route isn’t right for everyone,” she says. “I think I’ve learned this most through my twins. Especially as a result of supporting my autistic son – he’s allowed me to see why having a relaxed homelife is so important. I am hoping my sons will see they don’t have to follow the traditional route, if they want a successful career. They can have a business, and a family, and enjoy creating happy memories with their family, whilst also working from home.”

In fact, Raman doesn’t want to just role model an alternative route to success for her family, she wants to help young people in her community receive the same message. “Charity is another big part of my family’s life. I aim to use my business to inspire young people – or even other parents – to see how achieving their aspirations and goals doesn’t have to be dependent on following the academic route. There is an alternative open to them.”

If you are interested in finding out more about flexible working with your own DNS Accountants franchise, contact Jody today on 020 7148 1706, or email: jody@dnsaccountantsfranchise.co.uk.


Steve Powell is manager of DNS’s Wigan branch. He is a highly qualified and motivated management accountant with 30 years’ experience.

Qualifying as an accountant with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Steve is a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and is currently studying with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Skilled and passionate about what he does, before joining DNS, Steve worked for around 15 years as an accountant in industry, predominantly in manufacturing but also in the charity sector, for a logistics firm, and in the so-called fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. Steve added to his accountancy qualifications and experience by running his own manufacturing business for three years and providing services as a Business Advisor for Business Link. This background has furnished Steve with all the attributes and experience to manage the highly successful Wigan branch of DNS Accountants.

Before becoming a DNS Accountants Franchisee, Steve had been running a small accountancy practice on his own for a number of years. Running this small practice, however, regretfully, Steve felt compelled to turn down the individuals and corporate clients requesting more complex accounting needs. This was due to a feeling that, alone, he could not provide the collective expertise and experience of a larger firm, which would be able to offer clients seeking complex account management the collective expertise they required. Confident in his own abilities, but knowing that accountants work better in a “brace” of specialities, he decided to look at opportunities that might provide him with the help and support of a large, well-staffed accounting practice, but still favour him with the freedom to operate on his own.

Then Steve found out about about DNS Accountants Franchise. So what made Steve choose to join DNS as a Franchisee? “The people!” he states categorically: “I was seriously interested when I had my Discovery Meeting with the Operations Director Gary Zouvani; but I became convinced after my research and having talked to the other DNS Directors, that the DNS Franchise opportunity was what it said on the tin. It seemed I’d found what I wanted: An opportunity to operate autonomously with the backing of a large business to help me out whenever needed.”

Steve completed his statutory DNS Accountants Franchise weeks’ training and still takes advantage of the training opportunities DNS offers on an ongoing basis. He has benefited from the support network that embraces all DNS Franchisees: “There is no shortage of training and support,” Steve says. “I had a full week's training when I first joined the team. The DNS website is filled with blogs and other useful info and videos. There is a weekly training session on relevant topics every Friday. Help is always only a phone call or email away.”

Today, Steve’s DNS accountancy business is growing beautifully and organically. He now employs six staff, who “collectively have over 60 years’ experience supporting owner-managed and small businesses.” When asked if becoming a DNS Franchisee has helped him achieve a work-life balance, Steve replies without a thought – “Absolutely!”

Confidence in his business, which has been growing organically since 2015, has put Steve on the pathway to job satisfaction and financial success that he envisaged. With his own loyal team in Wigan plus the whole DNS network to advise and support him both pastorally and professionally, Steve has at his fingertips the “brace” of specialities of the well-staffed accounting practice of which he had dreamed. This, with and his skill, determination and energy have been rewarded with great success and the freedom to operate on his own just as he desired.

Lack of experience shouldn’t hold you back from business ownership!

If you’ve dreamt of opening your own accountancy firm and aren’t sure where to start, then a DNS Accountants franchise could be what you need. Like it has been for franchise partner, Hema Caullychurn.

Could you imagine yourself being in charge of your own accountancy business? You thrive on making the numbers fit, and helping clients keep their finances in order. But, have you reached a stage where you actually quite like to do this for yourself, instead of working for someone else’s future?

DNS Accountants empowers people like you, to use your hard work and to drive to build your own successful business. By giving you both comprehensive training and ongoing support, we ensure you have all the tools they need to run their own practice. This strategy to business ownership has certainly helped to fulfil the ambitions of Hema Caullychurn who is now Managing Director of her own DNS Accountants office, in Bournemouth.

A long-time dream realised!

For Hema, starting her own practice was the culmination of a dream she’d aspired to for many years. Despite having begun her accounting studies, she wasn’t yet properly qualified to start-up alone. As a result, it was a while after moving back to the UK from Mauritius, before Hema could start to put her goal into action. After working a number of different jobs, including a Deputy Manager position for a well-known high street bank, Hema and her husband became increasing keen to do something different, and take control of their careers.

Sick of long commutes and working for other people, they jumped at an opportunity to take over a local post office. In the spirit of a true entrepreneur, it wasn’t long before Hema saw this as her golden opportunity – she could open her own accountancy within their post office!

Not fully qualified? No problem!

Already enrolled on an AAT qualification course, and with her background in finance management, Hema had taken the first steps herself and just needed to team up with a reputable brand to take her the rest of the way. “As I didn’t yet have the right experience or qualifications,” Hema explains, “I started looking around at what franchises would give me the option of investing in the future I wanted. I chose DNS because they offered me the best terms for both training and payment options, and also because they had the best rate for outsourcing work.”

By helping Hema with outsourcing her clients to our experienced accountants, she can focus on completing her qualification and growing her customer base, giving her the best possible head-start in her new business. “As I’ve just started my business,” Hema continues, “I’m working hard to build trust with my customers. It’s not always easy, but, luckily, the DNS franchise support team have everything covered. When I do need to outsource work to cover those areas clients need, but I’m not yet confident with, Head Office treat my clients in the same way they do their own, and always go the extra mile for them.”

Limited experience? No problem!

Even if you have only very limited experience in running your own business, and aren’t sure how to find your first clients, DNS Accountants will help you get started. Our training not only gives you a solid grounding in how to operate your own office, our ongoing package of support will ensure you have all the expert advice and guidance you need to get your new business off the ground. “I’m not experienced in sales, and lack some of the confidence needed to talk to new customers – although the DNS Franchise Support Team were sending me lots of leads. I called them to ask for help with sales, and they said they have people who can specifically help me with telesales. They’ve already signed a couple of new clients for me!”

Hema is confident, with DNS Accountants behind her she has the skills, drive and ambition to make her DNS Accountants Bournemouth really work for her. “I am very happy with DNS Accountants. They have supported me fully, from day one, and I am sure they will continue to do so in the future.”

What about you?

Isn’t it time you took control and changed your future for the better? A DNS Accountants franchise could be the next step you are looking for! Contact us today.


I am the co-director of the successful, established accountancy practice Phil Bessant Limited (PBL) in Newport, Wales. My co-director and I began to look into the benefits of joining the DNS Accountants network specifically with the intention of expanding PBL’s customer base, increasing the variety of services we could provide, and benefitting from all the advantages that association with a larger Group practice could offer.

We were inspired by the long-term goal of the DNS Accountants network to achieve nationwide reach. The network’s business model, designed to improve choice and quality for small businesses and contractors and to add value to successful practices like PBL to meet its future business objectives and strategic aims, also impressed us.

I’d encourage accountants who are looking to grow their existing practice to explore joining the DNS Accountants network – it makes great business sense.

Why did you decide to join the DNS Accountants network?

I’m a mature, experienced accountant and co-director of PBL. We are lucky enough to have great staff, many contacts, a loyal customer base, a good reputation, and a decent income – PBL was already doing very nicely. So what decided me to take the leap?

It had struck me that we didn’t really have any succession plan for the business as such; we were very, very busy running the practice and the matter took a back seat… that is, until I met Sumit. From that point on, it all fell in to place what the solution was. After meeting with Sumit and his team, it was obvious to us that being part of a larger accountancy Group would be a sound business decision for PBL; as part of the DNS network, we would be able to expand the business to a level probably not possible without huge investment by PBL. We could clearly envisage how our association with the DNS Group could provide us with the resources and infrastructure to support business growth. I must say that I was also quite attracted to idea that the DNS Group’s outsourcing teams would mean that my co-director and I would be able to plan some time off!

What do you feel has been the main benefit of being part of a bigger brand?

The extra services and advice my practice can provide now is a tremendous bonus to my clients and to PBL. For my clients, they know they can confidently leave just about everything to do with their bookkeeping, accounts and compliance with us – even make a seemingly impossible request at short notice, and know that PBL will be able to look after it. PBL’s motto “If anything were possible…” does come with a certain responsibility to make sure we deliver and generally provide scope for the notion that anything is possible…!

Since joining the DNS network, PBL has seen increased profits and our association with DNS has embellished the reputation of PBL as the “one-stop shop” in Newport. Locally, we are embellishing our reputation as the bend-over-backwards-to-help accountancy practice – and feel that we are fulfilling the plans we have for succession. In the past, had a new client or an existing one appeared out of the blue asking for management accounts “tomorrow”, say, I’d have done all I could, worn myself out in the process, and possibly put my staff under undue pressure too.

I appreciate how I can help my clients with a wide variety of accountancy and compliance services now, at the drop of a hat if needs be. This is in large part due to the access we have to a trusted team of outsource professionals, but I shouldn’t forget that I also own the wizard technological infrastructure that comes as part of the DNS package—the one really does compliment the other.

Now, almost a year after joining the DNS network, what are the top three things you would say to another business owner looking to bring an existing practice into the DNS fold?
  1. “If anything were possible…”! This is the PBL motto, and I stand by it: believe you can achieve your dreams. Having self-belief and confidence in your decision is essential. Realistic goals are possible as long as you act on them.
  2. Commit to working together: DNS is a large, extremely well run, highly – collectively and individually – knowledgeable and expert in the field, and with huge experience. Make full use of the DNS team as your oracle, touchstone, and even at times, saviour!
  3. Enjoy the ride: It is no easy ride; it is extremely hard work running a successful business. Enjoy the challenges, enjoy your business and enjoy life: This notion is at the heart of the DNS Group’s ethos. As part of the network you can benefit from an exclusive geographic territory, an initial set of leads, a website and stationery, a laptop, award-winning accounting software, advice and guidance, an outsourcing arm, and a great team of colleagues. This is why I say you should enjoy the ride: you are on your way to achieving a very nice work–life balance.
From a business growth point of view, how has your business grown?

As you say, PBL has been part of the DNS Group network for a little over a year. The first step was the most difficult: we needed to tighten things up a bit and so it was a case of insisting on the digitized nature of our business; being able to either cross-sell other services to existing clients or replace certain client accounts with others that were more profitable. I had to let go of some clients, others left the practice of their own accord, but despite that, we have still managed to add 55 new clients in the first year.

How would you rate the training and support on offer to you and your staff?

The training and support are unbelievably good! The whole practice has certainly benefited from the initial training. I’m a fully qualified accountant with many years’ experience, but the training provided insight into the “DNS way” and focused us all on improving efficiency, providing a high-level of customer service, lowering overheads, and increasing profitability. The DNS network support team, the level of support my staff and I have benefited from – provided entirely as part of the offering – is an extremely valuable asset.

Do you wish you’d done this sooner?

I am a great believer in things happening at the opportune moment and am not a great believer in the notion of “could have or “should have”. What matters right now is that PBL joined the DNS network at exactly the right time, so now is soon enough.


A fully qualified, experienced accountant, Kate is a full member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (MAAT) and graduated with a Master’s in Accounting and Finance in 2016. Having demonstrated drive and ambition in practice over six years, Kate set up DNS’s Chancery Lane branch and has led the team there as Branch Manager for the past five years.

With accounting experience gained in different industries, especially in IT and non-established taxable persons (NETPs), the focus of Kate and her team is now on supporting her owner-managed business clients grow their businesses. Her practice specialises in providing comprehensive accounting and compliance services, overseas investment advice and compliant, advantageous tax solutions. She fully exploits technology-driven cloud accounting systems in the practice, including DNS’s bespoke bookkeeping and accounting system Nomisma.

Over the past five years, Kate has taken full advantage of the DNS network to support her and her Franchise while she grows her client base and builds a strong individual practice identity.

She has found the DNS Franchise model a very flexible structure to practice within, feeling strongly that new leads who approach the Chancery Lane practice rightly feel reassured that her growing business is part of a larger, reputable firm. This Kate believes, “gives me ‘credit’, which means that new leads trust the DNS name and therefore trust me before they actually know me. Of course, this comes with a huge responsibility, but the value of investing in a DNS Franchise rests very much in being able to share in the strength of the DNS name.”

Apart from her professional qualifications and experience as an accountant, Kate has found running her Franchise provides ample opportunity to meet her personal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) aspirations. She is currently building on her interest in sales and marketing — which has obvious advantages for growing her business — by making use of her transferable skills, through personal private study, by observing, and taking advice and guidance from DNS colleagues in sales and marketing, and taking advantage of the DNS SharePoint training modules online. For example, while the initial effects of the lockdown in response to COVID-19 did effect the whole business landscape at the early stage, for Kate and her team business is now picking up again, and their recent marketing campaign is aimed at businesses that may need help to plan ahead and grow during even these turbulent times. So, Kate and her team are busy building an offering which she knows they have the expertise and experience to deliver.

Has running her Franchise given Kate job satisfaction? “The Franchise has increased my confidence and given me personal credit as a business owner. Everyone in our practice would like to try our best to engage more and more clients and continue the lifelong pursuit of CPD. We want to help our clients and help ourselves and this pursuit gives everyone job satisfaction!”

What are the reasons you’d work for yourself?

People have different reasons behind why they want to be their own boss. One of dns accountants’ newest franchisees, Ather Arshad, wanted to establish his own working schedule and build a better future.

There are a number of reasons why you might be considering working for yourself. There are financial reasons, of course, and there is the incredible satisfaction which comes from building your own profitable business. However, there is also the independence, flexibility and sense of control which your own business can give you.

For Ather Arshad, it was the opportunity to set his own hours and finally reap all the benefits of his hard work which first attracted him to franchising with dns accountants. Before moving into self-employment, Ather had worked in several high-level accountancy roles, both in the UK and in Dubai. Whilst his career as a corporate finance manager was successful, a number of factors made him feel like he needed to make a change. With a young and growing family, Ather wanted to find a way to grow and fulfil his potential, whilst enjoying time with the most important people in his life.

Ather has successfully opened dns accountants Southend, in August 2021. “After so many years working for others, I was ready to work for myself,” Ather explains. “When you work for other people, you feel like you’re working for nothing. You receive your monthly pay-cheque, but in the long-run you don’t have anything to show for it. The other reason I wanted to run my own business was so I could have a flexible life-plan, and spend more time with my family, with a better work-life balance. My work stress, at the time was difficult, so I felt it was the right time for me.”

Coming across the dns accountant franchise, Ather recognised he could use his previous experience to work for himself, and gain everything he’d hoped to achieve for his family and future. “For many years, I had planned to start my own business,” Ather continues. “But, it’s difficult to just start from zero, especially with the family commitments I have. I liked the opportunity dns accountants presented, as they already have a full system in place, which I could invest into.”

With our expert support, and the ability to immediately start trading under our established brand, Ather was able to make the leap into self-employment, and live the life he’s always planned to live. The dns accountants cloud-based software, and package of pre-qualified leads meant he was able to hit the ground running, by earning a return on his investment right from day one. “The unique thing about dns accountants, which I felt really set them apart from other franchisors is their flexibility. They offer flexible payment terms, a flexible approach to training, and have a host of tools in place to help a new start-up. None of which I would have had access to, had I tried to start-up alone.”

In many ways, Ather couldn’t have chosen a better time to join dns accountants, not just for his personal reasons, but for the market too. High-quality accountancy is a service which will never go out of demand. As the economy bounces back from the pandemic, hard-working and driven individuals like Ather, who partner with dns accountants, will find themselves in a fantastic position to capitalise on this growth. dns accountants franchise partners deliver SME owners the financial support they need, as they recover and grow. As you do so, you’ll also benefit from the support of dns accountants towards your own business growth. This includes having access to an unbeatable range of services, and trusted outsourcing opportunities designed to benefit your clients.

Ather has big plans for the future of his business. “Things are going well, and I’ll soon be ready to take on a second, neighbouring territory before the end of this year,” he says. “I’m also planning on employing extra staff to carry out the accountancy work, so I can take on a more consultancy role.”

With another child on the way, and two territories to manage, Ather will be one very busy man – but one who is working towards a better future for himself and his family. With our support behind him, we are confident Ather will rise to the challenge, superbly.

Is it time for you to make a change? With the DNS Accountants franchise, there is no need to wait!

Make your drive and ambition work for you this year

Do you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling, by working for someone else throughout your accountancy career? Maybe 2022 is the year you break through for yourself, with a dns accountants franchise.

Congratulations on surviving January! You made it through those long nights, and challenging questions; and whether you worked with one client, or multiple, you delivered what they needed. But… now, it’s about you. Have you considered running your own practice? Some accountants recognise they have the skills and ambition to succeed in business, but struggle to know where to start, or how. For others, they love what they do – and found a workable way to handle the pressure of January – but know they’re missing the link for creating a better work-life balance, for themselves.

As someone who previously showed an interest in the dns accountants franchise, we believe you’re one of the stand-out accountants for whom the idea of working for someone else, isn’t in your career plan. A bit like Sami Joseph, who has recently taken over our Brighton territory who was determined to succeed in accounting, on his own terms. He wanted to drive forward his career and still find time for his family, but wasn’t entirely sure how to achieve this. Until he discovered dns accountants.

Sami had enjoyed a career working for several large, well-known accountancy firms, and making quite a name for himself as a tax specialist. However, he found he’d risen as far as he could, by working for someone else. His rich and varied career had given him valuable experience with hundreds of clients, but he’d reached the point where he realised he was working himself into the ground, to build-up someone else’s practice. “I was building a great reputation,” Sami says, “by working crazy hours. I don’t mind hard work, but when I started working long after midnight most nights during returns season, I couldn’t work out why I was doing it for someone else, and not for myself?”

In 2011, Sami left full-time employment, and started working as a sole trader, before incorporating his company, in 2014. However, with the arrival of his son soon after, Sami’s priorities began to shift. “I was barely seeing my little boy. He was growing-up so fast, and would be a young man before I knew it. It was at this point I realised I needed to make a change.”

Sami made a drastic decision, and walked away from accountancy for a while. He sold his existing business, opening several small shops and post offices around Sussex. However, he soon found he missed his true calling. “I wanted to do what I know I love, and am good at: accountancy. But, I also wanted to avoid the pitfalls I’d made previously. I didn’t want to struggle on my own again; I needed the support of the right franchise behind me. I looked at various possibilities, but when I spoke with dns accountant, I really connected with them. They could give me the support I was looking for, so I could build the kind of practice I wanted, at this stage in my career.”

dns accountants, empowers you to not only grow your own successful business, but to do so in such a way as to suit you, your life and career goals. As part of our support, we provide franchisees with outsourcing services, so franchisees can grow their practice even where they aren’t confident in a particular field, as Sami is already experiencing. “I’m already learning so much more from the dns accounting experts, and have started to scale-up my business. The software dns accountants provided me with has also enabled me to streamline my services in a way I never thought was possible. It’s saving me hours in admin; time I can spend with my son. Exactly what I wanted to do!”

Sami is certainly ambitious; his goal is to hit a £1million turnover within the next two years! “It’s a big number, but it’s certainly achievable. I couldn’t do it on my own however, with the support of dns accountants behind me, I really do believe it is well within my reach!”

If you want to combine your drive, skills and ambition with our respected brand to create the future you deserve, contact dns accountants today.

It’s my time to shine, now!

Working for yourself is both liberating and rewarding; something Drita Morina has been working towards, since going to university. Through dns accountants, she discovered how to accelerate her business goals.

Did you know those who work in accounting, enjoy the deepest job satisfaction in the UK? But, as with anything, there’s always room for improvement. You may love what you do, but have a desire to do more with your career. This could be anything from wanting to inspire your children they can achieve anything they want, or to build an asset which offers you future security. Working for a great company is one thing, but – is it now your time to shine?

For Drita Morina, the time came to step out of the shadows, and into the fullness of who she’d been preparing to become. “I’d been made redundant early on during the pandemic,” she says. “The first of my two children was born soon after – the second a year later. This gave me the push I needed: to build something for my children, to inspire them to pursue audacious goals. I knew, even before I went to university, I’d one day run my own business.”

Drita graduated from university in 2016, and immediately started gaining experience, ready for when she eventually start her own Practice. “I started at the bottom and worked my way up, learning everything there is to know about accounting, including changing companies, even sectors. It was whilst working for one of the UK’s bigger charities I learned what I'm truly capable of doing.”

For Drita, the idea of running a Practice, meant she’d need to aware of finance, data analysis, economics, and law, as well as accounting and bookkeeping. “Throughout my experience, I realised this is where my talent lies. I also learned I'm good with people from different backgrounds: whether senior Finance Directors, or those I worked alongside, when I started training people. It ignited a passion within me: to do this for myself.”

Looking at her options, Drita came across dns accountants, and tentatively made steps towards them. “When I initially requested information, I didn’t think anything would come of it,” she laughs. “Here I am, a young mum with two babies, and a dream. But, as I spoke with the dns accountants’ franchise team, excitement built, and I knew this was my chance to shine! The fire was lit, and I was ready to combine everything I’d learned, with everything dns accountants could teach me.”

dns accountants, is an accounting franchise supporting people to open their own Practice. With a team of experts behind her, Drita will be able to build a strong business. “I’ve started the dns training. They’re giving me even more confidence about what I’m doing for myself.”

One of the biggest advantages of franchising with dns, is the ability to outsource work to dns’ experts – whether it’s accounting you’re unexperienced with, sales and marketing support as you build your business, or additional support to manage your workload as you grow.

At 26, Drita admits it felt like a scary step. “As a new mum, you can feel a bit emotional, and start doubting yourself. I was watching The Apprentice and realised, when they were talking about their business plans, I’d have to write my own. I spoke with Raman, who is also a mum, and has been running her dns franchise for over a year, who told me, ‘Relax Drita! Writing your plan doesn’t have to be as daunting as in they make it seem in the show; don’t worry!’. When I met with the dns Directors, I realised she was right – they’re not as scary as Lord Sugar!”

As well as wanting to inspire her own children, Drita wants to use her Practice to give back, by providing opportunities to students. “Practice experience means you deal with clients directly, rather than corporate finance, where you’re part of a team focused on one element of accounting. It’s hard for students to join a Practice and gain experience with them, after choosing to go into corporate,” she explains. “They prefer to take on people who worked in Practice, or straight from university. So, I want to connect with the local university, and offer apprenticeships for those who want Practice experience: then they can shine, too.”

Is it your time to shine? If you want to feel the support of starting your own business, and give yourself the chance to shine, contact Jody, today, to see how dns accountants can accelerate your goals.


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