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Build your own business - Be your own boss!

Are you ready to put all of your effort and energy into starting your own accounting franchise? Don’t work for someone else. Take control of your life for the better. Book in your discovery meeting today!

  • Stay away from corporate life while working with a corporate vision alongside our outstanding head office support team.
  • Achieve a better work-life balance.
  • Get advantage of everything that dns, an innovative accounting group, has to offer by joining us.
  • Build a sellable asset for your future.
  • Control your career and your financial freedom.
  • Make full use of your previous experience and expertise.
  • Get complete support so that you may concentrate on growing your own company. Why not do the work you love for your own benefit.
  • Gain access to all our partners, so you can offer your clients enhanced products and services.
  • Receive help to cope with industry changes as and when they happen.
  • Build your own business but not alone.

By Joining a reputable business like dns, a well-known and renowned brand, you provide credibility to your clients from day one. Allow our head office professionals to support some of your business's operations, and your clients will have instant access to a variety of additional services. Make it easy for them to confidently refer you to your next new client.

Is the dns franchise opportunity right for you?

Do you want to launch your own accounting business because you're ready for a change? The franchise for dns accountants might be exactly what you're looking for. Our offering will empower you to run your own successful business but with the backing of an already powerful and successful brand. We'll provide you all the guidance and continued support you require. It's the ideal next move in creating a future for your family and yourself. You can confidently work for yourself with our special approach. We think we can help, whether you're pursuing your accountancy degree, have years of expertise in the industry, or trying to grow your own company. We have the perfect solution for you.


So why choose dns over the competition?

Since its founding in 2005, dns accountants continues to grow to become a prestigious accounting firm with over 11,000 clients. Check us out on the dns website to see our wide expertise and competence in the field, for which we have been recognised with numerous honours. You will immediately benefit from being a part of the dns group of businesses if you buy into our dns franchise. As we are a smaller company than the competition in the accountancy franchise UK market, we think that our customised approach will help you feel valued rather than like a name.

We currently operate 14 successful franchisees. With the correct infrastructure in place, our goal is to gradually build many more franchises that we can be proud of. We started the process of looking into developing a franchise in 2015 and have since spent years developing and refining our services.We now have a successful roll out approach and operate at a very high level. It's a quite straightforward approach, and it's worked well for our new franchises.

Training and support

Training and support

We offer you all the back office training and support you require to start your own practice. We have a special program that includes every aspect of the accounting industry, and our expert trainers will teach you all you need to know, including marketing and sales. Our highly trained and skilled team will support you all the way through the startup phase and beyond. We will answer all your questions in the discovery meeting.


Flexible options

As each of our franchisees comes from a different background and has a wide range of needs, we incorporate customisable, flexible alternatives. You may need help starting up with a payment programme, or alternatively enjoy a 20% discount if you have the means to pay up front. Skilled accountants won't require as much assistance in the practice; however, if you lack the necessary skills and have experience in finance, for example, you may benefit from a package that includes our excellent in-house accountants who will handle all of your clients, freeing you up to expand your business. If you're interested, plan a discovery meeting to find out what you'll need to start and run your own franchise.

Our in-house knowledge base is quite broad and includes everything from tax returns to bookkeeping and mortgage guidance. We even provide you with an advanced software system of your own. Worry not, we can customise a plan to your level of accounting experience and sure you get the help and knowledge you require.

Flexible options
Qualified leads
Qualified leads

Qualified leads

As part of your initial package, we give you strong, qualified leads to get you started. This goal is to help you in the early going when your firm only needs customers to get off the ground. You will be given these leads to convert. To ensure you never feel alone while running your franchise, once business starts coming in, you may also continue to pay for leads through our great in-house sales team.

cloud-based software

Our unique cloud-based software

The only franchise package that includes cloud-based software right out of the box is dns! We believe this is a contributing factor in the rapid success of our businesses. This essential tool will simplify your business in an effective and professional manner, benefiting your clients. There will be more details discussed at the discovery meeting.

Our unique cloud-based software
Multiple award winners

Multiple award winners

We take great pride in our accomplishments at dns. Join our expanding, award-winning brand and explore our amazing accomplishments by visiting our website. It's proof of how proud and committed we are.

accountants franchise

Why not try it alone and buy a franchise instead?

Good question, we get asked this all the time.

A franchise, to explain it simply, is a business opportunity that allows someone to launch a company while legally using the experience of another person. In this instance, the dns accountants Franchise has everything set to go. Make a success out of our concepts, procedures, and tried-and-true methods in half the time it would take you to accomplish it alone. Consult with our franchisees or peruse the online case studies. All of them can speak to how easy the procedure is. They are grateful that they decided to go with the dns franchise option, even though it hasn't arrived without a lot of work and determination.

The franchise industry now contributes over £15 billion pounds to the UK economy.You will have heard of some well-known franchises like Dominos, Subway, and McDonald's. One of the most prestigious and well-known brand names in the accounting industry is dns. Thus, should you choose to become a member of the dns family, you will quickly recognize the kind of launchpad we offer.

The franchise does come with a cost, but it saves you from having to start from beginning. You pay for the value you receive, which in this case might be two years of planning. The remainder is for you to work out.

A franchise's benefit is that the business plan has previously been examined, analysed, and validated.

Work life balance

One of the best benefits of beginning your own dns practice is this. Depending on how much work you put in, you could soon find a new work-life balance. You can rapidly profit financially and personally really rapidly if you work hard and build the business quickly. Therefore, it's probably not the best choice to start from scratch if you want to be your own boss and achieve a better work-life balance. Rather, as a dns franchisee, we provide you with an exceptional work-life balance right from the start because our systems, structures, procedures, and reputation are already established.

Work life balance

So what are the next steps?

If you think this is the ideal opportunity for you, take the actions listed below:

next steps


For further details about our offer and to use our enquiry form, give us a call.
Call on 0207 148 1706.


Once your inquiry form has been submitted, we will set up a private, one-on-one discovery meeting. At this point, we will talk about the costs, the possibilities, and how you could be able to fulfil your ambition with the support of our franchise network. A discovery meeting just makes sure you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision; it does not indicate your want to participate.



The next step will be a thorough check on both parties if the discovery meeting goes well.We will work with you to complete a business plan. After the completion of all of this, you will be invited to a directors' interview to go over your business plan and analysis of your competitors.

Get in touch with us by phone at 0207 148 1706 or by email at info@dnsaccountantsfranchise.co.uk to learn more about this fantastic franchise opportunity. We eagerly await your response.

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Multiple award winners

Award winning experts

We take immense pride in our accomplishments at dns. Join our expanding, award-winning brand and explore our extensive list of achievements online, as they are a source of great pride for us.

dns accountants franchise

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FAQ’s and next steps

Anyone exploring the dns Accountants Franchise opportunity has questions, and we would be concerned if you had none. Below are our FAQs to start you off with your research. Our Franchise Development Manager Jody Macmillan, will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have during your one-to-one Discovery Meeting.

Yes, DNS can help you raise finance if required with our financial partners. We are also able to offer payment-plan options, dependent on your circumstances.

If you qualified as an accountant with any of the awarding bodies, a Practicing Certificate will always be required. However, as all the institutes’ rules on Accountants’ Practicing Certificates are different, you seek advice directly from the body you qualified with.

If you hold no accountancy qualifications and have no background in accountancy, but do have experience in finance (i.e. banking, taxation, insurance) or law instead, due to our unique outsourcing model we can support you.

Of course! We work individually with our Franchise owners when looking at expansion plans to make sure their business is structured to support taking on another area.

Yes, as this is part of your research and due diligence, we fully support this approach. We will provide you with the details of all our Franchisees so that you can learn more about their experiences and make an informed decision.

A Discovery Meeting is your opportunity to meet us and for us to meet you. The meeting will cover all areas of the Franchise business, how we support you and our financial model, to give you an idea of the return on your investment. This is an informal meeting and your attendance does not commit you to joining our network. Your one-to-one Discovery session will also provide you with the opportunity to have your questions answered.

The DNS Accountants franchise business model is designed to offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to operate their own accounting business under the established DNS brand. Franchisees receive comprehensive training and support, including access to proven systems and processes. They benefit from the reputation and expertise of DNS Accountants while maintaining the flexibility of running their own business. The franchise model typically involves a licensing agreement, where franchisees pay a fee to use the DNS Accountants brand and receive ongoing support.

The cost of a DNS Accountants franchise can vary depending on factors such as location, size of the territory, and other specific conditions. Franchise fees typically include the initial licensing fee and ongoing royalty payments. It's recommended to contact DNS Accountants directly for detailed information on the current franchise costs and any additional expenses that may apply.

When you invest in a DNS Accountants franchise, you receive a comprehensive package that includes the right to use the DNS brand, access to training programs, operational support, marketing assistance, and established business systems. Additionally, franchisees often benefit from ongoing updates, technology support, and a network of fellow franchisees for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. The specific details of what's included in the franchise investment can be obtained by directly contacting DNS Accountants.

The potential earnings of a DNS Accountants franchise can vary based on various factors, including the effort put into building and growing the business, the local market conditions, and the effectiveness of the franchisee's management. DNS Accountants may provide information on average earnings or potential income projections based on the performance of existing franchises. It's essential for prospective franchisees to conduct due diligence, including speaking with current franchisees and carefully reviewing any financial projections provided by DNS Accountants. Keep in mind that specific details and terms may change, so it's advisable to contact DNS Accountants directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their franchise opportunities.