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dns accountants launches in Scotland

Raman Boparai

dns accountants are committed to providing franchisees with the confidence to start their own Accountancy Practice. So, we’re pleased to welcome our first franchisee in Scotland, Bhavin Asher.

If you’re ready to make a move away from the corporate world and grow your own business, joining an award-winning franchise like dns accountants can give you the skills and support you need to make it happen. With the backing of our established brand and expert team, you can be just like our very first franchisee in Scotland, Bhavin Asher, who is leading the way with his own accountancy office in Aberdeen.

With a number of years in accounts already under his belt, Bhavin worked his way up from assistant roles to Financial Directorship and Chief Finance Officer positions for several large companies. During his time in the industry, he’d become the go-to-man for advice on accounts services outside his normal job, with clients and colleagues approaching him about everything from pensions and mortgage applications, to self-assessment tax returns.

As result, starting his own practice had been at the back of Bhavin’s mind for several years. With his children growing up and leaving the nest, he realised there was an opportunity for him to make his move. “The time was right for me to be my own boss,” Bhavin told us. “I gained my first three independent clients, through previous connections, but deep down I knew if I was serious about growing, franchising was the fast-track way to do so. Having a look at what was out there, I came across DNS Accountants, who seemed like the right fit to help me achieve this.”

With our tried-and-tested model, DNS Accountants supports people like Bhavin, to give their accountancy practices a head start, by immediately trading under our umbrella. We’ve established a reputation for trustworthiness, which inspires confidence in our customers. By using our innovative approach to client’s accounting needs, and our own cutting-edge cloud-based software, DNS Accountants franchisees can offer their clients a highly sought-after service, with more options and products than they would be able to alone. After all, DNS is not about just providing accounting or tax services, but about offering a full ecosystem of support to Franchisees and their clients.

It was this range of offerings, combined with the opportunity to draw from his own experience in the industry, which really attracted Bhavin: “I’d looked at a few franchises, but I chose DNS Accountants because of their flexibility, and because they offered more services. “When I approached them, they encouraged me to use my experience as a Finance Director to offer services, which other franchisors weren’t open to. DNS Accountants allows me to put my 25 years’ experience to good use.”

As our first Scottish franchisee, we’re particularly looking forward to seeing what Bhavin can build with his new business. As our MD and Founder, Sumit Argawal, put it: “I’m proud to fulfil the dream of opening an office in Scotland. We want to serve the Scottish business community and help small businesses grow with our amazing support and knowledge. We will do everything possible to make our Franchisee in Scotland a success!”

Bhavin is already starting to building his customer-base and is looking forward to achieving his desired growth strategy, with DNS Accountants. “Aberdeen is a small place and DNS Accountants is still new here, so I have a lot of work ahead of me. However, I’d spoken with some of the franchisees in the network, before making my decision, and feel confident the services we offer, will appeal to SMEs in the area. They’ll be able to come to me, and have everything they need under one roof.

Is it time you built the future you deserve?

As Bhavin says, “If you’re the kind of person who wants to be their own boss, and for whom the sky’s limit, you should definitely go with a franchise like DNS Accountants.”

Contact DNS Accountants today, and start your journey to a better future.

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Nice things our clients have said


I joined DNS as a Franchisee in 2015. After visiting the offices and speaking to staff, I was really impressed with the culture of the business and wanted to be a part of it.

I wanted to grow the my business on my own, but also have the backing and expertise of a large firm who could assist me whenever needed. This gave me the confidence to work with more demanding clients who I would not have been able to otherwise.

Although I work remotely, I am made to feel a valued member of the team and have loved my time working with Gary, Sumit and the rest of the staff.



DNS accounting group is more like a home than just a professional accountancy practice. We share, care and make progress together. As a DNS Franchise, you will always feel secure.



My Franchisee training has been both effective and efficient. It has provided me with the necessary knowledge for running my business, both in terms of software and any technical knowledge that I may wish to review.

In terms of flexibility, once again the DNS value is apparent throughout. All the trainers are thorough in the areas they teach and also ensure whenever I need their assistance the solution is provided promptly.

It is truly impressive to witness the specialised knowledge such a vast team can have and how they are genuinely there to help me.