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New Career beginnings in 2021 for you? Hear from our founder about DNS’s plans for the year ahead

Raman Boparai

As a new year begins here at DNS Accountants Franchise, I thought what a great way to start the year hearing from our Founder and Manging Partner, Sumit Agarwal. Sumit talks below about lessons learnt and reflections in 2020 and how the team are planning for growth for the Franchise and whole DNS Accountants business group in 2021 and beyond.

What business lessons has the DNS Group taken from 2020 and the upheaval of the Covid-19 pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of being united and driven. The cohesion and drive of the DNS Group was already very much evident, but we really called on these strengths of unity and determination from the outset.

Every business is highly vulnerable at this time, and in order to get through this huge upheaval to the economy and our psyche, we need unity and drive to build the business – better and stronger. The issue is bigger than simply the figures: we must protect our clients and each other. We must make sure we have a watertight strategy and enough of a safety margin in every area of the business. Business is not about everything being flamboyant, it is about maintaining efficiency and keeping up productivity. My view is that businesses should strive to serve and not focus solely on making a profit. Only with this sort of purpose in mind can you keep the team motivated and moving together in one direction.

What new ideas for growth and business processes are you planning to implement in 2021 to continue business success?

The Kickstart scheme is a government initiative to create job placements for 16–24 year olds. DNS is a Kickstart Scheme Gateway provider now, so we can provide employers support in securing the grant. We can collect a cohort of different businesses to achieve the stipulated number of applicants that you must have. It’s a great scheme.

In addition to helping businesses apply for government grants of all shapes and sizes, DNS can oversee, and apply on behalf of clients where appropriate, for:

  • Business loans
  • Marriage allowance claims
  • Liquidations
  • Business plans
  • Advice on how to build an agile business
  • Advice on processes and outsourcing

There are so many new business opportunities for Accountants to capitalise on – this might sound crass, but these opportunities have the primary purpose of serving our clients to the ultimate degree: we win from our clients’ successes – DNS wants our clients to prosper so that we will prosper too.

How do you think the DNS Accountants Franchise will grow in 2021?

The DNS Group’s Franchise-growth aspirations are ambitious – personally, I would love it if we could sign up 25 new Franchisees and become an immediately recognisable national brand in 2021. Serving our customers and passing the benefit of our knowledge to them, providing services to the business community that are about building wealth and stability, this is our vision. This is exactly what is needed now more than ever, People becoming business owners with the support of our Franchise Brand and taking their business from strength to strength.

Franchise Partner

What are the main qualities you look for in a new Franchise partner?

The qualities of a Franchise partner for DNS are obvious to me and to the Franchise team. They are ambitious, hardworking people, hungry for success, disciplined, and the type who will never give up.

Franchisees should be keen to make a positive impact on their clients’ business and lives, providing the sort of support the DNS Franchise team provides to them. They should be looking to create their Franchise business in their own image and as a reflection of DNS: building something with great care and pride. We look for people from all walks of life, who are reliable, committed to building a great life for themselves and their family, and above everything, I want them to love helping clients. It’s about taking an attitude to business that means care and excellence are second nature and you’ll go the extra mile to deliver a great service without a second thought.

What are your thoughts about the four top reasons why somebody looking to join the DNS Accountants Franchise should do so?

The DNS Accountants Franchise was designed by Accountants for Accountants. Naturally, therefore, I think I know why Franchisees should join: Here are my top four reasons:

  1. Joining a multi-award-winning Accountancy business, you get the chance to learn from super-successful business partners, people who really know what they’re doing;
  2. Among the Franchise team and as a Group, DNS knows how to deliver amazing support and we have about a zillion years of qualifications and knowledge between us!
  3. DNS provides great value for money, our service comes second to none and our prices are very competitive.
  4. The DNS Group business model was designed to be a flexible, portable, efficient, and adaptable machine. When we built it, we had firmly in mind the importance of achieving a work–life balance, for the whole DNS Group and our clients.

Why not make 2021 the year you take control of your career with your own business?

If you are looking for a new challenge where you can work for yourself but not by yourself and gain a better work life balance but don’t know where to start building your own business, get in touch with me directly and I can share with you how the DNS Accountants Franchise opportunity can help make your aspirations a reality. Make 2021 your year!

Contact me on: jody@dnsaccountantsfranchise.co.uk

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Nice things our clients have said


I joined DNS as a Franchisee in 2015. After visiting the offices and speaking to staff, I was really impressed with the culture of the business and wanted to be a part of it.

I wanted to grow the my business on my own, but also have the backing and expertise of a large firm who could assist me whenever needed. This gave me the confidence to work with more demanding clients who I would not have been able to otherwise.

Although I work remotely, I am made to feel a valued member of the team and have loved my time working with Gary, Sumit and the rest of the staff.



DNS accounting group is more like a home than just a professional accountancy practice. We share, care and make progress together. As a DNS Franchise, you will always feel secure.



My Franchisee training has been both effective and efficient. It has provided me with the necessary knowledge for running my business, both in terms of software and any technical knowledge that I may wish to review.

In terms of flexibility, once again the DNS value is apparent throughout. All the trainers are thorough in the areas they teach and also ensure whenever I need their assistance the solution is provided promptly.

It is truly impressive to witness the specialised knowledge such a vast team can have and how they are genuinely there to help me.